Play US Powerball Jackpot from Australia

US Powerball

As the years pass, technology improvements seem to make things smaller. This is good, particularly when you consider that the first computers took up a whole room. Equally, other things grow larger – wide screen televisions, for example. One thing that our Lottoland customers always appreciate getting bigger is the amazing rollover jackpots from the legendary US PowerBall game.

While these often reach up into the hundreds of millions of dollars, even this was surpassed by the record payout, until recently, from one of their competitors of $840m. Now, since early 2016, the record rests with US PowerBall – with a quite astonishing payout of 2.3 billion dollars.

Our Lottoland team reckon that US PowerBall is the biggest lottery game in the world, and it seems that so many of our customers enthusiastically agree. Incidentally, were you to compile a list of the top 15 jackpot payouts of all time, then US PowerBall, together with the past record payout holder US MegaMillions, would be the only names on it!

Amazingly, this superb US PowerBall game can be played at Lottoland for only $5* – and you can enter draws for both Thursdays and Sundays where even the minimum jackpot is a healthy $52 million! Make sure you’re in the next draw by heading online to Lottoland right now.

Play US Powerball Online

It’s difficult to remember how life was before we went online. It has opened up so many opportunities to find information, access entertainment, and carry out both business and private transactions. Our Lottoland team love being online, giving so many customers the chance to be a part of the greatest lottery games, both in our own country, and right across the globe.

A perfect example from the other side of the ocean is the huge US PowerBall jackpot draw. It’s held at 11am AEST or 1pm AEDT every Thursday and Sunday, and costs just $5* to play online at Lottoland. To be part of the next draw, hop online from wherever you are and whenever you have a moment, pick your five numbers plus a PowerBall, and you’re good to go.

Never played US PowerBall? You’ll probably want to know about its jackpots then. Well, their minimum is $52m. Impressed? Whether your answer was yes or no, you surely can’t be anything but astonished that, in January 2016, they paid out a new world record sum of $2.3 billion! Now that is more than impressive. So is the fact that this US PowerBall lottery is responsible for seven out of the top 10 lottery jackpots of all time. And you can be part of it at Lottoland right now.

US Powerball vs US Mega Millions Lotto

Remember those great boxing match-ups a generation ago? What great footy or rugby league finals would you use the term ‘classic’ to describe? Then there are those memorable pool or court confrontations that grabbed our attention.

When our Lottoland team are asked to compare two lottery giants it seems a similar exercise. Each has their strengths, but which would deliver that knockout blow? Decide for yourself!

We’re talking about the American lottery legends that are US PowerBall and MegaMillions. It’s US PowerBall that offers the better minimum jackpot at $52m, whereas MegaMillions is set at $20m. But it’s US MegaMillions that delivers a 1:15 probability of winning a prize, better than US PowerBall, which is out at 1:55.

Considering the jackpots is like deciding which is great and which is greater, simply because both are so hugely impressive. Until recently, the record holder for the largest ever jackpot payout was the MegaMillions’ stunning $840m. Along came US PowerBall in early 2016 to move into entirely uncharted territory at, and yes you are reading this right, $2.3 billion.

The easiest answer is to play both here at Lottoland. It’s $5* for either game. It’s Thursday and Sunday for US PowerBall, and Wednesday and Saturday for MegaMillions. One place where both are in unison is that these draws are all timed for 1pm AEST or 3pm AEDT. Either? Both! Choose now at Lottoland.

US Powerball Promotions

There are many different types of promotion. At work this might mean more responsibility, in sport to be playing at a higher level. However, our Lottoland team know that Australian punters appreciate a third kind – one where you can make more of your hard-earned dollars. Here’s a useful promotion code: PB2F1AUS and we’ll tell you how to use it online in a moment.

It’s to do with being part of the fabulous US PowerBall lottery jackpot draw. This is a huge favourite with our Lottoland customers because its minimum jackpot starts at a superb $52m. That’s just for starters. Their rollovers soon reach into the hundreds of millions of dollars. And in January 2016, they truly set themselves apart by delivering the highest jackpot payout ever at $2.3 billion. That’s almost three times the previous record!

So when you come to Lottoland and play US PowerBall, enter that promotional code at the checkout. Here it is again: PB2F1AUS. When you enter it, this code will deliver two games for the price of just one, saving you a brilliant $5. US PowerBall draws Thursday and Sunday at 11am AEST or 1pm AEDT. Use this code now and save money as you enter an upcoming draw.

US Powerball Results

Imagine studying for years, at college or university, sitting those vital exams, and never knowing the results. Imagine your team are playing a grand final or championship game, and no-one can tell you the score.

Thankfully, these nightmare scenarios are not part of the way we operate online here at Lottoland. Just as soon as any draw is completed, the results are posted and ready for eager inspection. In fact, for many of our lottery games, such as US PowerBall, every result from day one can be viewed.

US PowerBall is a great example of this eagerness to know the draw outcomes. This is something to do with the fact that it holds the record for the biggest payout ever made – in January 2016 and for an earth-shattering $2.3 billion dollars. Their minimum jackpot alone is set at a superb $52m. Therefore, with the draws being made at 11am AEST or 1pm AEDT on Thursdays and Sundays, we always expect a spike in our online visitor numbers right afterwards.

The first step is to enter by choosing a total of six numbers (five plus a PowerBall). Find that you’ve matched them all when you check online here at Lottoland and your scream will probably echo right across the Pacific Ocean itself.