US Mega Millions Lotto

US Mega Millions Lottery

Benefiting from some of the largest jackpots anywhere, the US Mega Millions lottery draw has a minimum jackpot of about $19 million, but the jackpots are frequently much higher. The largest jackpot ever recorded for Mega Millions (the second largest jackpot ever recorded for any lottery) was an awesome $848 million in 2012. Mega Millions has been responsible for two out of the top three biggest jackpots ever! With nine different prize divisions and the possibility of winning just by matching one number (the MegaBall), the Mega Millions draw is a chance to try your luck in one of the planet’s top lotteries.

To play Mega Millions, choose five numbers from between one and 75 in addition to a Megaball, chosen from between one and 26. Match all six to win the jackpot, or fewer for a smaller prize. To increase your prize amount, it’s worth paying an extra $1.50* for the MegaPlier option. The Mega Millions Megaplier can increase your payout by up to five times the original amount. Tickets cost just $5* from Lottoland and with draws every Wednesday and Saturday at 1500 AEDT (1300 AEST), there are two chances each week to win a life-changing sum!

Play US Mega Millions Online

Why go out when you can enjoy US Mega Millions and a number of other top draws here at Lottoland? Buy tickets for the Mega Millions for just $5*, using your laptop or mobile phone. With a minimum Mega Millions minimum jackpot of around $19 million (depending on the currency rate) and nine prize divisions, there are plenty of reasons to make Mega Millions entry a regular habit. The second-largest jackpot ever recorded, $848 million in 2012, was a Mega Millions jackpot!

Draws take place on a Wednesday and a Saturday at 1500 AEDT (1300 AEST). To take part, players need to select a MegaBall number from one to 26, in addition to five other numbers from between one and 75. Match all six to win the jackpot, or fewer to win a smaller prize. You can even win with just one number, if you pick the correct MegaBall. When you play US Mega Millions online, you can also select the Mega Millions MegaPlier option. For an additional stake of $1.50*, the MegaPlier will increase any win you have by up to five times. Remember you can buy tickets, check draw results and much more, all online, here at Lottoland.

US Mega Millions v US Powerball

The US Mega Millions v US Powerball debate is always an intriguing one. With tickets costing just $5* each from Lottoland, deciding which to opt for is always a challenge. US Mega Millions had the second biggest jackpot of all time in 2012 – an awesome $848 million. In comparison, US Powerball currently holds the lottery record for the biggest lottery jackpot, having offered an absolutely staggering $2.3 billion in January 2016. With all of the top 15 jackpots ever recorded being attributed to one or the other of these colossal US lotteries, it seems both are worth a go!

Interestingly, the odds of winning a prize on US Mega Millions are far more favourable, at one in 15, than the odds of winning a prize through the Powerball draw – which are just one in 55. Draws take place on a Wednesday and a Saturday for the US Mega Millions and a Tuesday and Sunday for the US Powerball – that’s great lottery play from the US, four days a week! Whether you opt for US Mega Millions, US Powerball or a ticket for each, you’re guaranteed a chance to scoop one of those top winning jackpots, as well as enjoy some other great prizes.

US Mega Millions Promotions

If you’re one of those people who loves a bargain, why not take advantage of our US Mega Millions promotions? It’s savings all the way when you buy tickets for one of America’s biggest and best lottery draws. Rather than having to pay our standard price of $10* for two tickets (with the tickets costing $5* each), we give you the chance to purchase two tickets for the Mega Millions draws for just $8.50* – that’s a saving of 15%, or $1.50* on each purchase of two tickets that you make.

Why pay more when you can get discounted tickets for the US Mega Millions here at Lottoland? We’re always trying to think of new ways to give our customers more, offering a great selection of deals, special offers and many other great opportunities. In addition to the Mega Millions, you can also buy tickets online for a selection of other top draws and lotteries from around the world. Remember to visit us regularly, as our promotions change every so often and we wouldn’t want you to miss out on some chances to get more tickets for your favourite draws for far less than you would normally expect to pay.

US Mega Millions Results

Do you want to know whether you’re a winner? It’s always an exciting time after a lottery has been drawn, wondering if you can finally give up the day job and retire to a life of luxury thanks to a life-changing win. Luckily you won’t have to wait long to find out when you use Lottoland to check the latest US Mega Millions results. We update our site almost as soon as the draws are made, bringing you the results as fast as we can. No need to wait or fret! Just come and visit us here at Lottoland to see if you’re a lucky winner.

As well as the most recent Mega Millions results, our database can give you information on the winning numbers for any draw dating right back to 1996, when the draw started. With two draws each week, on a Wednesday and Saturday, to be in with your chance of taking home that massive Mega Millions jackpot you need to choose five numbers from between one and 75, in addition to one MegaBall number from between one and 26. Match them all to win that top jackpot prize, or match fewer to enjoy a smaller win.

* Price is subject to increase when jackpot reaches a certain level. Pricing quoted on this page is correct at the time of writing. Prices are subject to change.