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Keno Australia

Enjoy the very best of Keno Australia with our special version of the game, Lottoland’s KeNow. Played in exactly the same way as the Keno game you’ll find at your local pub or elsewhere, Lottoland’s KeNow is a virtual game that can be played anywhere.

Available every four minutes online, via your laptop or mobile phone, we bring you the very best Keno Australia draws from 1434 AEST (1634 AEDT) and 0754 AEST (0954 AEDT), every single day of the week. That’s fifteen chances every hour to win a $1 million jackpot. Even if you haven’t got lucky with one draw, there’s always the chance to take part in the next one and have a chance of success. To stand a chance of winning the great jackpot prize, players need to match ten numbers at the highest stake from the twenty drawn.

The twenty Keno numbers are drawn from seventy – the more you match, the higher your prize. You can further increase the value of your win by staking more than the minimum amount ($1*). With great odds and a fantastic selection of prizes, playing Keno at Lottoland is a rewarding pastime that has attracted a large number of players from across the country.

When you buy eight or more numbers Keno Australia, Lottoland, allows you the chance to win even if you haven’t matched any numbers at all! With prices for a number starting from just $1*, we make it affordable to play exciting Keno whenever you wish.

Play Keno Online

If you’re stuck on public transport or have a few spare minutes and a mobile phone, why waste time? You can play Keno online here at Lottoland, enjoying the opportunity to win the top prize in a Keno draw of $1 million. Just select between one and ten numbers and see if they come up – the more you match, the higher your win amount will be.

Keno Lottoland draws are on offer every four minutes between 1434 AEST (1634 AEDT) and 0754 AEST (0954 AEDT). This means you can play fifteen games in an hour – fifteen opportunities to win that welcome $1 million jackpot!

KeNow Lottoland is played by twenty numbers being randomly selected from seventy. The more numbers you match and the higher your stake, the greater your prize is likely to be. You need to match all ten numbers at the maximum stake ($10*) in order to win the jackpot. The way KeNow at Lottoland works, it’s even possible to win if you haven’t matched any numbers, provided you’ve purchased eight or more. Prices start at $1* a number, so why not give use your phone or laptop to give online Keno at Lottoland a try?

Keno Online Odds

At Lottoland we keep Australia Keno Odds good, maximising your chances of winning a welcome cash sum. Offering one of the best sets of odds in the world for wining the top prize in a draw, at Lottoland, when you play Keno you play Keno you stand a 1:2,147,181 chance of winning the top prize, the $1 million jackpot – exceptionally good odds compared with other available draws. Overall, your chances of winning a prize when you’ve bought one number are 1:4. With some of the greatest odds you’ll find, our online KeNow odds are always favourable.

To enjoy the Australia Keno odds we offer, you can play Keno with us every four minutes between 1434 AEST (1634 AEDT) and 0754 AEST (0954 AEDT). This means that there are fifteen chances every single hour to become a Keno jackpot winner. For players that select ten numbers, matching five or more guarantees a prize (remember that when you buy ten numbers you also stand a chance of winning something even if you don’t match any numbers at all). Anyone that buys eight or more numbers is in with a chance of winning, even if they don’t match any numbers at all.

How To Play Keno

When you play Keno online, you can be confident of enjoying some excellent chances to win, quickly and easily. Because you can play Keno from your laptop or phone, it’s possible to be in with an opportunity to nab that $1 million jackpot wherever you are. We run a draw every four minutes between 1434 AEST (1634 AEDT) and 0754 AEST (0954 AEDT), giving you fifteen chances an hour to be a lucky winner every single day of the week.

When you look at how to play Keno, you’ll see it’s simply a case of picking those winning numbers – we select twenty numbers from a total of seventy. If you match ten at the maximum stake, the $1 million jackpot prize will be yours. Stake amounts vary between $1* (the minimum stake) and $10* (the maximum stake). You can buy anything from one to ten numbers – generally the more you match, the more you win. Don’t forget that if you buy eight or more numbers you can still win, even if none of your numbers are drawn. Our Keno draws are the perfect way to enjoy some great entertainment and the chance of a $1 million jackpot win.

Keno Win Strategies

Here at Lottoland we explain how to win Keno and the numbers needed to scoop that top $1 million jackpot prize. To play you need to select somewhere between one and ten numbers. The more numbers you buy and the higher your stake, the bigger your Keno prizes will be, as when you match the right numbers your Keno stakes are multiplied up to give your winning amounts. Ten matched numbers out of the twenty drawn, purchased at the maximum stake, will mean you win the $1 million jackpot prize.

If you buy one or two Keno numbers, you need to match all of them to win a prize. For three or four numbers, players must match two or more to win. Five or six and three matched numbers are required to start winning. When seven or eight numbers are purchased, four numbers are needed for a Keno win. Buying eight or more numbers means you’re in with a chance of winning, even if none of your numbers come back. At the higher end of the purchasing scale, buying nine or ten numbers involves matching five or more to win, or matching none and still being in with a chance.

Keno Number Results

There’s no need to wait to check the latest Keno results. At Lottoland we bring you the latest Keno numbers as soon as they’re drawn. Offering fifteen Keno draws an hour between 1434 AEST (1634 AEDT) and 0754 AEST (0954 AEDT), we make sure the numbers for every one are rapidly displayed on our results page. If you want to find out about previous draws, our comprehensive database of past lottery results and Keno wins lets you see exactly what’s gone on, including which numbers have been drawn most frequently.

To be in with a chance of those top Keno numbers, make sure you enter one or more of our Keno draws. Twenty numbers are picked from seventy – match ten at the maximum stake and the $1 million jackpot is yours! Whether you’re looking for Keno results, want to buy numbers for the next Keno game or are looking at entering some other national or international lottery draws, you can do it all here at Lottoland. We provide everything you need for exciting and entertaining play, ensuring you’re kept informed of all the latest lottery and Keno news, information and results. Find us online through your laptop or mobile!