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Whether you like your top prize draws to have an American flavour and would like a go at the U.S. Mega Millions or Powerball, or prefer the European fun offered by the EuroMillions, you can access some of the largest jackpots on the planet at Lottoland.

At Lottoland you can take part in Italian SuperEnalotto, French Lotto, Austrian Lotto, UK Lotto and Lotto from Germany. A little close to home, we bring you all the best lotto game opportunities from Australia, including Oz Lotto. For anyone that craves enormous jackpots and exciting play, it’s all available on the Lottoland site.

Austrian Lotto

Available every Wednesday and Saturday at 0648 CEM and 1915 CEM respectively, Austrian Lotto benefits from eight prize divisions and some of the best odds around. In the Austrian lotto draw, your chances of winning that top Austrian lotto jackpot are a respectable 1:8,145,060 – significantly higher than many other games. The highest Austrian jackpot recorded was in 2012 for €9.5 million (around $14 million).

To win the top jackpot, players need to match six numbers out of a possible 45. You can buy your tickets for Austrian Lotto from us here at Lottoland for just $2*.

Christmas Lottery

Imagine Christmas if you won part of the $3 BILLION prize fund offered by the Spanish Christmas Lottery, El Gordo, for the 2016 draw? Renowned for its generous prize payouts and great jackpot, the exciting Christmas Lottery will be drawn on 21st December 2016 and promises a great Christmas Lottery jackpot in addition to other welcome Spanish Christmas Lottery prizes.

To try for the Spanish Lottery Jackpot, pick a number between 0 and 99999, then select what percentage share you want of the ticket. For example one hundredth of the ticket is just $6.99*, while a whole ticket costs $349.99*.

Euro Jackpot Lotto

Each Friday at 2100 (EET) in Helsinki, the Euro Jackpot is drawn. Offering jackpots up to €90 million (around $125 million), Euro Jackpot is one of Europe’s biggest lottery draws. For Euro Jackpot Lotto, entrants must choose five numbers from between one and 50, in addition to two numbers from between one and 10 (the Euronumbers). Match them all to win the jackpot, which is a minimum of €19 million (about $14 million). With odds of 1:42 of winning a prize, if you’d like a flutter on Euro Jackpot, you can buy tickets online here at Lottoland for only $3*.

French Lotto

With the French Lotto odds of winning a prize a pleasantly high 1:16, the game is a popular choice for many people. French lotto benefits from a very appealing minimum jackpot of €2 million (about $3 million). To win the French Lotto jackpot, players need to have successfully matched five numbers from between one and 49, as well as one lucky number from between one and 10.

The French lotto draw games take place on a Monday, Wednesday and Saturday. The draws take place at 2035 CET. Remember that you can get French Lotto tickets for just $3* at Lottoland.

German Lotto & Keno

With the top German Lotto Jackpot ever recorded being a cool €45.3 million (around $70 million), it’s no surprise that German Lotto and German Keno are popular choices here at Lottoland. One of the biggest lotteries in Europe, the German Lotto draw is drawn on a Wednesday and Saturday. To win the jackpot, players must match six numbers from between one and 49. If a German Keno jackpot appeals more, you can take part in a German Keno draw every day at 1510 AEST. Buy your tickets for both of these exciting games from Lottoland now, for only $1.50* each.

Irish Lotto

If short odds appeal to you, then the Irish Lotto is the one for you. The odds of winning the Irish Lotto Jackpot are an attractive 1:10,737,573. The minimum jackpot is €2 million (around $3 million). To secure that all-important jackpot prize win, entrants must match all the six numbers drawn from between one and 47.

The Irish Lotto draw takes place every Wednesday and Saturday. If you haven’t already, you can buy your tickets from us at Lottoland now at great prices -just $3.50* a ticket for your chance to win that attractive jackpot or some other welcome amount.

Polish Lotto

Benefiting from three draws each week (on a Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday), Polish Lotto offers a great chance to take part in an exciting lottery, where jackpot prizes are often millions of dollars. The odds of winning the jackpot are 1:13,933,816, with ticket holders needing to match six numbers drawn from between one and 49 to get the top payout. There are also prizes when fewer numbers are matched. If you want to be part of the Polish Lotto draw, the ticket price is a definite advantage – when you purchase tickets through Lottoland, they’re just $1.25* each.

Swedish Lotto

If you want to have a go at something a little different, why not try Swedish Lotto? With the highest recorded Swedish Lotto Jackpot standing at an impressive 237 million KR (around $40 million), it’s definitely worth having a go! To win the jackpot, players must match seven numbers chosen from between one and 35. The odds of winning this spectacular amount are a respectable 1:6,724,520.

Swedish Lotto draws take place on a Wednesday and Saturday and there are six prize divisions. Ticket prices are just $1.50* a game and are available online when you buy them through Lottoland.

UK Lotto

U.K. Lotto takes place twice a week, on a Wednesday and a Saturday. The minimum U.K. Lotto Jackpot depends on which draw you pick – for Wednesday the minimum jackpot is £2.5 million (about $4.7 million) and on Saturday the minimum jackpot is £5 million (around $9.5 million). With the top U.K. jackpot payout standing at $66 million ($126 million), the U.K. Lotto draw is well worth a go.

Ticket prices for the U.K. Lotto cost $4.50* at Lottoland. To take part, players pick six numbers from between one and 59. All six must be matched to win the jackpot.

* Price is subject to increase when jackpot reaches a certain level. Pricing quoted on this page is correct at the time of writing. Prices are subject to change.