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You might already be a keen player of some of the terrific lotteries we have in Australia – and you can certainly do so online at Lottoland. But, if you like the idea of spreading your punter’s wings a bit, and enjoying some of the amazing games that are enthusiastically played across other parts of the globe, then our Lottoland team have found some great options for you to choose from.

From Europe, we’re giving you the chance to participate in the multi-country EuroMillions lottery which provides the best jackpots on that continent. We’ve added to this with the UK’s own Lotto, and the much loved SuperEnalotto from Italy.

For even bigger jackpots and mind-blowing sums, then it’s good to head, online at least, across the Pacific to the United States. From that land, we provide a portal to be part of both MegaMillions and US PowerBall. With these games, American news bulletins are often full of stories of a ticket-buying frenzy as the amazing jackpots so quickly mount up to multi-million dollar totals.

Lottoland ensures you play for exactly the same prizes, and divisions, as the Americans and Europeans themselves do. Should you match some, or even all of those winning numbers drawn, then your prize money is credited straight to your personal Lottoland account. In fact, we even provide some terrific extras. These include amazing bonuses, some unique and special promotions, and also jackpots exclusive to our customers here at Lottoland Australia. Choose Lottoland now for a world of lottery opportunities!

Lottoland Australia

When you visit Lottoland Australia you may well already be a keen player of our own country’s lotteries. We make it so quick and easy for you to do so, and you can log into our site wherever you are and whatever you’re doing – including, of course, that wondrous game that’s called Keno!

However, our demanding (and quite rightly too) Lottoland customers want more – and we’re happy to deliver. This is why we give our increasing number of keen players many other chances to win those life changer jackpots. This means that you now have the opportunity to take part in both MegaMillions and US PowerBall – and these are the American games that blast up to astonishing multi-million and, whisper it, even billion dollar jackpot heights. Our choices from Europe include the hugely popular twice-weekly Lotto, drawn on Wednesday and Saturday nights, in the UK. There’s also the chance to have a go at Italy’s SuperEnalotto. We couldn’t offer European options without delivering you a chance to enter EuroMillions. It’s home for that continent’s biggest and best jackpots.

You play any game as you would if you were in the game’s home country. Number and line choices made, your entry can be swiftly completed. Naturally, we also ensure that every pound, Euro, or dollar won is credited in full to your account with Lottoland Australia. We’ve even added extra promotions and bonuses, created exclusively for our Lottoland Australia customers. You might go for our amazing DoubleJackpot option. Simply double any stake, and any prize money you earn will also automatically be doubled up. Ready to try it?

How Lottoland Australia Works

If you are considering joining our many customers who enjoy the chance to play both all the Australian lotteries, plus then expand their horizons by trying some of the world’s best, you might welcome a simple explanation of how we operate here at Lottoland Australia…

Our first aim is to make it easy for you to head online, whenever you are ready and wherever you want to play from. Once on our Lottoland site, we then look to enable you to quickly select the lotteries you wish to participate in, choose the necessary numbers, how many lines you intend to play, and then duly complete your entry.

Sometimes, people are intrigued as to how we guarantee that any winners, at whatever level or division of the game, will receive the same prize as they would have in the game’s own country. Well, it’s thanks to our choice of a truly effective insurance model. So, should you be a winner, Lottoland Australia simply credits the prize money straight into your account.

Once you know all this, it’s about choosing which of our great game options is for you. It might be EuroMillions, US PowerBall or MegaMillions, all of which pay out magnificent and record-breakingly huge rollover jackpots. So, once you play, do keep up-to-speed with the latest results. In fact, Lottoland even keeps past game results stretching right back over many years. Visit our amazing site and see for yourself right now.

Lottoland Australia Cash4Life

Imagine if you were strolling down the street and a stranger walked up to you and handed you a thousand dollars. How would you spend it? Now, how about if the same person carried out the same giveaway every single day throughout the rest of your life? A lot of spending to be enjoyed then!

Sound ludicrous? Well, not if you, like so many other Australians, take the chance to be a part of the twice-weekly Cash4Life game. Good title! This $1,000 per day chance happens every Monday and Thursday at 9pm (ET). By the way, were you to win the second prize, our stranger would be handing over that thousand every month for the rest of your life! Not a bad consolation – and it doesn’t end there, because there are 9 great prize tiers. The chance of being a top prize winner is significantly better than that offered by many other lotteries at 1:21,846,048.

Cash4Life is quick and easy to enter through Lottoland. You pick a single CashBall between 1 and 4 and add 5 other choices from 1 to 60. To play a single Cash4Life with us is $2*. If you fancy that never-ending cash top-up of a cool grand a day being an ongoing part of your life, get to it and enter this great game right now!