Euro Millions Lotto

Euro Millions Lotto

If you enjoy playing lotteries then Lottoland are delighted to be able to offer you the chance to be a part of Europe’s biggest jackpot paying game. If you haven’t yet played Euro Millions, you don’t know what you’re missing. While a single game is only $5*, each of the twice weekly draws offers a Euro Millions jackpot of at least €15m (and that’s a hefty AUS$21 million). Even more attention-grabbing is their highest ever payout, which currently stands at a mind-blowing €190m (or $267m).

It’s so easy to be a participant in this great Euro Millions lottery by playing online at Lottoland. You’ll be part of the great draw that happens each Tuesday and Friday. It’s held in Paris and is timed at 9.30pm Central European Time.

To be a player, you simply opt for any five number choices between 1 and 50, and add to these selections with a pair of Lucky Stars numbers – choose between one and 11. Should your five choices and your two Lucky Stars then all be drawn, you’re a jackpot winner. But you can even be a winner just by matching a pair of your main Euro Millions number choices. By the way, they deliver an amazing 13 prize divisions.

So enter now, and then you can check each draw here at Lottoland.

Play Euro Millions Lotto Online

It’s good to be part of the chance to win some amazing amounts of cash, and that’s why Lottoland is happy to give Australians the opportunity to be a player in Euro Millions – Europe’s biggest jackpot lottery. We always match any prizes that are awarded by that official lottery provider. Just $5* can allow you to be a part of a Euro Millions jackpot numbers draw. A great idea when you consider that their biggest ever rollover jackpot was an almost incomprehensible €190m; or, if you prefer, around $267m!

It’s really quick and easy to play Euro Millions here at Lottoland. Step one: select any five numbers between one and 50. Step two: add two of their Lucky Stars choices (one to 11). Should all seven then come up in the draw, well it’s you who’s the latest Euro Millions jackpot winner.

Two choices: Lottoland helps you gain either automatic entry to each twice weekly draw, or you can opt only to enter automatically when that Euro Millions jackpot hits a certain height. The draws are conducted in Paris on Friday and Tuesday evenings at 9.30pm Central European Time, so enter at Lottoland, sleep soundly, and wake up wondering.

Euro Millions vs Euro Jackpot

There are both similarities and some key differences between Euro Jackpot and Euro Millions. Our Lottoland team are asked about these, so here’s a quick guide to the facts.

Both draws ask you to start by selecting any five main numbers from a choice of one to 50, and then have you also choose two bonus numbers. Euro Millions offers a range of one to 11, and Euro Jackpot one through 10.

Let’s talk jackpots: the minimum on Euro Millions starts at €15m ($21m); and for Euro Jackpot it’s a bit lower at €10m ($14m). Let’s talk rollovers: as these grow over several draws, Euro Millions do often end up much higher. For example, their current highest payout is a fantastic €190m ($267m). Euro Jackpot’s record is still pretty healthy at €60m ($84m).

The winning probability for each is as follows: Euro Millions delivers a 1:23 chance, while Euro Jackpot is further out at 1:42. In terms of paying to play at Lottoland, Euro Jackpot costs $3 and Euro Millions is $5* per entry. Both sets of draw results are always posted here at Lottoland, and Euro Millions takes place each Tuesday and Friday at 9.30 in the evening. Euro Jackpot is once a week on Fridays and slightly earlier at 9pm – remember these are Central European Time.

Euro Millions Lotto Promotions

The team at Lottoland have come up with great Euro Millions promotions, saving you some hard-earned dollars when you play this amazing jackpot lottery. Before we tell you that good news, here’s a quick guide if you are quite new to this opportunity – one that offers that continent’s biggest and best jackpots.

The when: twice weekly – and that’s both Tuesday and Friday each week. They are timed for 9.30pm Central European Time.

The jackpots: their current record payout is a magnificent $267m (€190m) and even the minimum Euro Millions jackpot is a superb $21m (€15m).

The history: Euro Millions was started in 2004 jointly by the national lotteries of the UK, France and Spain.

The game: pick five main numbers, add two Lucky Stars, and that’s you ready to complete your entry.

The promotion: as promised, Lottoland offers an amazing incentive for players who purchase a subscription covering at least one game in each of these twice weekly draws. Normally this would cost $10 for that pair of chances to win. However, with us, you’ll only be investing $8.50 – and that’s a 15% saving.

The action to take: make sure you enter now, and then it might be you who’s waking up to amazing news from the other side of the world!

Euro Millions Lotto Results

Imagine going to sleep any Tuesday or Friday night, and then waking up the next morning to find you’ve won a truly life-changing amount of cash. With Euro Millions, it might be you who has to pinch yourself to make sure you actually are awake!

As you slumber, across the world in Paris, 9.30pm (CET) is the moment when those vital winning numbers are drawn by the organisers of the wonderful Euro Millions jackpot lottery. Large prizes because it’s a pan-European game, and it was started by a combination of France, Spain and the UK in 2004, and now delivers the highest lottery jackpots in Europe. The minimum jackpot is €15m – about $21m Australian – and their record rollover jackpot to date delivered €190m ($267m or so). That would have been pretty good to wake up to! It’s not just that jackpot though – Euro Millions also delivers an amazing 13 prize divisions.

After you’ve submitted your entry through Lottoland, when you wake up, it’s so easy to check the number choices from the night before. In fact, Lottoland has the results of each and every Euro Millions draw from day one. So do make sure you are a part of this right now!

*This price is subject to increase when jackpot reaches a certain level. Pricing quoted on this page is correct at the time of writing, prices are subject to change.